The sketching optimized
capacitive stylus for iPad

Ergonomically designed hand grip,
perfect weight balance, smooth pen nib,
magnetic pen holders = maximum productivity
with minimum effort.

XStylus Touch+ on wooden table with pen holder

Preferred choice of on-the-go stylus

The XStylus Touch+ is a transforming wide-grip heavy weight touch pen for the iPad. Optimized to be the best sketching stylus, the XStylus Touch+ is the preferred iPad stylus of choice for architects, designers, and illustrators on the go.

It comes with a discreet but secure crystal clear magnetic holder so that you can carry both your iPad and your touch pen in style, anytime, anywhere.

Why XStylus Touch+?

ergonamics wide pen grip

Ergonamics wide pen grip.

Use the pen the way you need it, hold it like a pen or use it as a real paint brush.

Hold it like a real paint brush.

Perfect weight distribution, effortlessly captures your finest stroke.

Perfect weight distribution & smooth nib, effortlessly captures your finest stroke.

Snap the pen to the magnetic pen holder, bring it everywhere with you.

Snap the pen to the magnetic pen holder.

Protect your investment, allow you replace the broken nibs in seconds.

Replace broken nib in seconds.


“The XStylus Touch makes every other iPad stylus look like a cheap Bic”

John Brownlee, Cult of Mac


See XStylus Touch+ in motion

XStylus Touch+ in time lapse video thumbnail

Features and awards

XStylus Touch+ press feature logos

Awarded Bronze medal award in the 2010 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart

Awarded Silver award in the 2014 Hong Kong Smart Gift Design Award

Awarded Silver award in the 2014 Hong Kong Smart Gift Design Award

Order your copy

XStylus Touch+ is US$29.00 US$39.00 only
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Colors & bundles:

Replacement nib set is also available now!

XStylus Touch+ iPad Stylus and Replacement Pen Nib Info graphics

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