The transformable stylus
for Nintendo 3DS

4 colors XStylus Crayon on Nintendo 3DS

Gear Up 3DSer.

  • sketching cat is easy
    Ready for the most precision challenge


Play longer & achieve more.

The XStylus Crayon is a transforming wide-grip touch pen for Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming consoles.

The patented flip open design provides the best hand grip amoung all 3DS stylus. So you can play lonoger & achieve more.

When not in use, XStylus Crayon can be store inside the original pen slot of the handheld. Compatible with Nintendo 3DS, DS Lite, DSi, and DSi XL.


Unique features

control your weapon freely

Reach further with a broader wrist movement

See everything, don’t let enemies sneak up on you

See everything, don’t let enemies sneak up on you

bye bye to wrist pain with natural ergonomic grip

Said bye-bye to wrist pain with a natural grip

special stylus pen stay cool in the 3ds pen slot

Store your special pen in the pen slot

perfect round 3ds stylus tip

Perfect half spherical tip to minimize scratches

no need to learn

Transformation is quick and simple



Made of flexible polycarbonate, the XStylus Crayon transforms with just a flip, it becomes wider, longer and better. 

XStylus is a patented solution


nintendo game handheld pen

3D sketching with xstylus
Sketching on the 3DS is fun and easy, all you need is the right tools.
Click to see the amazing 3D drawing, Cat and Fish by Ariel
with XStylus Crayon on Colors! 3D.

Features & award

The XStylus was awarded the Bronze medal award in the 2010 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart

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XStylus Crayon is US$19.99 only
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each package contains 4 different stylus: black, white, blue and red

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What is the XStylus design indeed?

Animated Sequence of the XStylus Crayon for Nintendo 3DS, DSi, DS Lite, DSi XL

The XStylus was designed from my own desire to have a comfortable stylus which can be stored in the original pen slot of the Nintendo handheld game console.

The XStylus will be the only pen in the market that corrects the two fundamental flaws in one product.  We believe that it will become the ultimate touch pen.


Extra photo

XStylus Crayons + Crystal (One is stored inside the 3DS, one is in its original state with the paper sleeve, one is open and the crystal one is being held.) All IndieGoGo Funders will receive an XStylus Crystal with their set of XStylus Crayons.


The XStylus Crayon is brought to you by…

The XStylus Crayons was a succesful project on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. It became a product on the market thanks to the support and contribution of 292 funders who believed in the XStylus design. The aim of the XStylus Crayon is to provide a more comfortable touch pen gaming experience. Thanks to the funder, the XStylus Crayon

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