Here’s the TVB Pearl Money Magazine show on crowdfunding in Hong Kong.
The show was originally aired on Feb 12, 2012.

It looks like news about crowdfunding has been catching on Hong Kong media.

I was recently interviewed by Hong Kong’s TVB Pearl (the TVB’s English Channel) reporter Zela Chin on my successful crowdfunding projects on IndieGoGo — the XStylus Crayon and the XStylus Touch. The show features several Hong Kong based projects and even a funder living in this city! I am very impressed by the cool projects that other Hong Kongers are doing, and I could really put myself in their shoes and appreciate how hard crowd funding really is!

Anyone who has tried crowd funding on IndieGoGo or Kickstarter would know how hard it is to get a project off the ground. I have been lucky to get help from my wife Vincci, who has a professional background in fundraising and marketing. Together we worked as a team in figuring out our campaign goals, marketing angles, communication outlets, and more. Although the latest project lasted for a little over 60 days, we’ve put on a lot of hats during that time. It was a 24-hour job and a day really does make a difference. Plus we had to cross our fingers for media and bloggers to pick up our news and announcements… It was tough as nails!

Crowdfunding is the result of collaboration among family, friends, and strangers to make something huge possible. Every funder (whether someone who wants your product or someone who is purely philanthropic), team member (real or virtual), and supporter (from the wonderful friend who lent us his camera for the video pitch to those who were willing to review the product on video) are crucial to the success of the project. We are forever grateful to them all.

In Hong Kong, there are so many hidden creatives and artists! As it did for me, crowd funding could an exciting method for someone passionate to seek funds for a product, film, or fashion production or for a philanthropic aims to help those in need. I really hope that crowdfunding will flourish in Hong Kong and that more people will be able to realize their dreams.

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  1. Jeff

    Congrats to your crowd funding success! Good luck to your project. Perhaps you could expand it to Samsung Galaxy Note and other tablets as well.

    • wpmaster

      Hi Jeff,

      Sorry for my late reply. We are going to provide a new pen holder that is compatible with any phone and tablet, the Universal Pen Holder.


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