SS Mirror

The stick-on selfie mirror
for mobile phone.

Place it next to the camera lens
to see what will be in the picture.
Works great with new and old camera,
even on a slightly curved surface.


SS Mirror landing Gundum big pic no text

Take perfect selfies with friends!

The SS Mirror is a simple solution allowing you to take perfect selfies whenever and however you want — simply aim and shoot. These stick-on convex mirrors are compatible on any phones, film or digital cameras with a flat surface

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?Mirror Mirror on my Phone…MIrror Mirror, who is the fairest of all?


The SS Mirror uses 3M removable adhesive tape

If you no longer wish to have an SS Mirror on your phone or camera,
it can be removed, leaving no trace behind.


Apply in 3 simple steps

Step1: Clean the spot where SS Mirror is going to be applied on

Step 2:Peel off the protective sticker at the back of the SS Mirror

Step 3: Stick SS Mirror firmly close to the lens and you are set to go!

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