Music Pacifier

An MP3 player for the little one.

music for the baby

A musical soother concept for
babies & toddlers

Why the Music Pacifier?

Inspired by portable musical devices for grown-ups, the Music Pacifier is a musical soother for the little ones.

By delivering sound waves through bone conduction to the infant’s auditory system, the Music Pacifier is the first soother of its kind. It is a patented solution that uses denta-mandibular technology, a technology more commonly used in hearing aids for babies as young as two months old.

This stimulating musical toy allows infants to fully enjoy their expanding music repertoire on the go without causing noise disturbance to people around them.

It is also the perfect companion for active infants traveling on airplanes, trains and buses or for those attending grown-up events such as formal ceremonies and receptions.


What’s playing?

Structure of the Music Pacifier

Just like an MP3 player, the audio content of the Music Pacifier is customizable. A few examples are the sound of the baby’s mother’s heart beat, the toddler’s favourite lullabies, or recordings of educational pieces.


How does it work?

The Music Pacifier is a musical soother that uses denta- mandibular technology, also known as bone conduction technology, to conduct sound waves from the vibrating tongue of the Music Pacifier to the jaw bone of the user, and finally to the inner ear of the auditory system. This is why sound emitted by the soother is only audible by the user, and not by others.


Is it safe?

The Music Pacifier’s output is capped at 20 dB hearing. It has a built-in circuit breaker activated by moisture, and a volume clipping function to minimise incidents caused by external and internal factors. Denta-mandibular technology is currently used as a non-invasive option of hearing aid for adults and babies young as two months old. Musical tooth brushes for children, musical devices for swimmers, and communication gear for professional scuba divers are also popular applications of this technology.


Want to know more about the Music Pacifier?

The Music Pacifier is a patented solution. Please feel free to contact us at

Music Pacific – the world’s first denta music soother

An MP3 soother for the little ones


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