Color Flash Cube

The stick-on selfie light for iPad

Color Flash Cube plugs onto ipad 3.5mm audio jack

Super wide angle LED light,
everyone gets in the picture.

The Colour Flash Cube is a low tech lighting solution for your lomo or fun camera.  It is portable, fun and easy to customize.  The 3 transparent colour flash filters in red, blue and green allows you to add wild colours into your creative photography.

Color Flash Cube color filter selfie special effect Color Flash Cube selfie light on tableColor Flash Cube easily detach from iPad


The Color Flash Cube uses
3M reposition adhesive tape.

It can be taken on and off and on and off…….
without damage your device.


How it works in 4 Steps

Step 1: Peel off the protective plastic sheet

Step 2: Twist the cube to switch on the light

Step 3: Stick the Color Flash Cube to your camera or phone and start shooting!

Step 4: Extend the lifetime of your Color Flash Cube, place the protective cover cap over the sticky part

***To create different light effects, snap these stackable color filters in front of the light

Color flash cube lomo flash press feature

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