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  • We are such a tease! The XStylus Touch for the iPad

    Enjoy this little teaser of my newest product prototype, a pretty slick looking stylus for the iPad. Many have have requested the XStylus Crayon in metal but it was simple too small to be made in metal, so this XStylus Touch was inspired by those who asked!  The XStylus Touch is made with an iron […]
  • Thanks for Making the XStylus a Reality!

      We made it! We’ve reached the completion of our XStylus Crayon campaign! (in fact, we reached our goal by 124%!) It has been an amazing 60 days and we would not have reached this far without you support. Thank you for believing in this low tech simple design that will enhance your touch pen gaming experience. […]
  • XStylus mentioned on PC Magazine

    The XStylus is exactly what Slava Rubin, cofounder of IndieGoGo, called it. It’s a project that fell into a funding dead zone, “it’s too expensive for creators to fund themselves, but too small-scale to obtain traditional investment.” We have 15 days left in our IndieGoGo campaign and we are still US$1165 short from our goal […]
  • Great News for Pandora Users – it fits!

    Great news for Open Pandora users. The XStylus Crayon fits snugly inside the Pandora pen slot. Here a photos showing: 1. a black XStylus Crayon inside the pen slot 2. the original Open Pandora stylus (in black) 3. an expanded XStylus Crayon (in red) to show expanded grip and length 4. a black XStylus Crayon […]
  • The First Video Review on the XStylus Crayon by Nintendo 3DS Blog (Unboxing)

    Here’s our first review by Nintendo 3DS Blog on YouTube! It’s really exciting to see this “unboxing” video all the way from Australia made by David! I have to add though that the opening of the pen is really more effortless than as shown in the video if the pen was swiveled to another side […]
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