Archive for September, 2011

  • Interview on TalkOnly, a Hong Kong Indie IT Radio Show

    It was so much fun to talk and share my experience as an independent designer / patent owner / inventor on the TalkOnly radio show (網上電台 講台 TALKONLY). Getting real time feedback and comments from listeners was a thrilling experience. The show hosts did a comparison test of the XStylus Touch and the Wacom’s Bamboo for […]
  • Our First Press: XStylus Touch Featured on Examiner

    We are so excited to be featured by R.J. Peters on again!  Thank you so much for your support R.J.! We are working very hard in contacting magazines and bloggers to talk about the XStylus Touch, do you know anyone who would be interested in reviewing the XStylus Touch? We’d be happy to send […]
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