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  • Stress Test Review by WiiNintendo (aka Nintendo Fuse)

    The XStylus Crayon has gone through a stress test on the Wii Nintendo website and I’m so proud it stood the test, especially that all these prototypes are handmade, hand drilled and hand polished. 🙂 Click for the full review article by Mazer @ NintendoFuse (formerly known as WiiNintendo). Very in depth review indeed. The […]
  • Great News for Pandora Users – it fits!

    Great news for Open Pandora users. The XStylus Crayon fits snugly inside the Pandora pen slot. Here a photos showing: 1. a black XStylus Crayon inside the pen slot 2. the original Open Pandora stylus (in black) 3. an expanded XStylus Crayon (in red) to show expanded grip and length 4. a black XStylus Crayon […]
  • The First Video Review on the XStylus Crayon by Nintendo 3DS Blog (Unboxing)

    Here’s our first review by Nintendo 3DS Blog on YouTube! It’s really exciting to see this “unboxing” video all the way from Australia made by David! I have to add though that the opening of the pen is really more effortless than as shown in the video if the pen was swiveled to another side […]
  • RJ Peters IndieGoGo Tech Pick –

    The has just published an article on the XStylus Crayon! The article was done by Miami based Emerging Technology Reviewer R.J. Peters and he has included a few photos of the “assembling” of the prototypes by hand. In case you’d be interested in the making of the prototypes, these were produced in a small quantity […]
  • XStylus Crayon on a Japanese Blog!

    We were doing some random googling of “XStylus” and landed on this Japanese blog!  Very neat indeed!  Dear blog owner, Thank you so much for your support!
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